This vision statement was given by the Holy Spirit to Pastor Buckley near the beginning of this ministry. It describes the results we SEE in people’s lives. Buildings, programmes, equipment and services are all TOOLS to accomplish this vision…we see His Light shining through us!

Our Vision

To let the light shine to every nation,
Proclaiming Good News to all generations

That it be understood, God is always good!
We’re a people that say, “He is still good today.”

To stand on the faithfulness of His Word
To take hold of the promises we have heard

We will see a people who come to know their place
Who run their race in victory and grace

To raise up a standard in all that we do
That his greatness and excellence may be in full view

In praise and worship to move up higher
We are full of the Spirit, we are always on fire!

His awesome love to understand
And to make this love known throughout the land.

Light of the World Church

Light of the World Academy

Light of the World Bible Training Centre