Light of the World Bible Training Centre

Light of the World Bible Training Centre

Our Instructors, Reverend Matthew & Kristin Buckley

Our Instructors, Reverend Matthew & Kristin Buckley

LOTWBTC was founded by Revs. Matthew and Kristin Buckley in 2000. They graduated from Rhema Bible Training Centre, USA in 1987 and 1988 respectively. The Buckleys are members of the Rhema Ministerial Association International. Their vision is to teach the Word of God and share what they have learned throughout more than 25 years of ministry. They desire to see men and women fully equipped to serve the Lord in whatever capacity He has called them. The vision for this school extends back to 1991 when God impressed upon Reverend Matthew Buckley’s heart to train leaders in Africa. Light of the World Bible Training Centre is designed to prepare men and women to serve God more effectively in their church and to reach their full potential, whether in full-time or part-time ministry positions. It welcomes people from any church. This two year programme offers classes that focus on giving a foundation of Bible understanding. A minimum of 36 courses cover subjects such as: Faith, Prayer, Healing, The Life of Christ, Ministerial Ethics, Marriage and Family, Homiletics and Church History. Classes are held Monday to Thursday evenings. Instructors are Rev. Matthew and Mrs. Kristin Buckley, and other local and international guest lecturers. Admission is open to any person desiring more knowledge of the Word of God.


Application Fee: P10

Tuition & Materials: P2850 per year

The application fee is payable when it is received. P1500 is due by Friday of the first week of school, Term 1. P150 is due the last business day of each month, February through October.

Term Schedule

LOTWBTC runs concurrently with private school terms. Provision is not made for correspondence courses or for accommodation. Students may, however, choose to audit select courses if you are not able to enroll as a full-time student. If you are interested in auditing a class, please read the Auditing a Class section below for more information.

Courses Offered

Click here to download our 2016 course schedule

Admission Requirements

Form 3 education is required, at the discretion of the Director. A good comprehension of the English language is necessary as all classes are taught in English. No translation is available.

Application Procedure

1. Collect an application from our office or click here to apply online.

2. Complete all forms and give recommendation forms to the appropriate persons. Click here to download a recommendation form.

3. After all forms are received by the school, make an appointment for an interview with the Director.


Upon successful completion of one year of study, students receive a certificate. Upon completion of the second year, students receive a diploma.

Auditing a Class

Auditing individual courses allows students whose schedule does not permit them to enroll full-time, to attend courses that interest them and that will be useful in their service to the Kingdom of God. Please click here to download a current listing of classes offered.

Following are a few guidelines that will help you to get the most out of the course:

Class Time

All classes begin promptly at 18:30 and end at 20:40.

• Students must be on time.

• If unavoidably late, please enter the class quietly and sit near the back so as not to disturb other students or the instructor.

Course Requirements

Attendance, grade and moral requirements must be met in order to receive credit for a course.

• The student may miss one class per course in an extreme circumstance.

• Being late (tardy) twice is equivalent to one absence.

• An exam will be written for each class and is mandatory for credit* toward completion of that class. Students must pass with a 60% or higher.

• Students are expected to maintain above reproach behaviour.


Payment for a course is due two weeks prior to the scheduled course start date and is nonrefundable.

• The course fee indicated in the Course Schedule (contact our office for the Course Schedule) is for the course and materials provided by the Bible Training Centre. It does not include the cost of materials obtained from outside sources (i.e. books).

• Additional fees will be mentioned at the time of enrollment.

Dress Code

Dress code for men and women is as follows:

• Men wear dress trousers and a button up shirt with a collar. No pull over shirts, t-shirts, denims or tackies.

• Ladies wear a dress or skirt with a blouse. No denims, tackies or trousers.

What to Bring

For class you will want to bring:

• Bible

• Pen

• Notebook

Students may use a laptop or tablet device for note taking if preferred.


A few more items to help you get the most out of your time in class:

• Please switch off cell phones during lecture.

• No food, drinks (water is ok) or chewing gum in class.

• Questions may be written and handed in to the lecturer – no questions during lecture.

• Avoid any disruptive movement or noise during class.

*Light of the World Bible Training Centre credits are not transferrable to other institutions of learning. Credit for a course goes toward completion of a certificate or diploma offered by this Bible Training Centre only. If a candidate is seeking ordination as a minister of the Gospel, he or she must meet the requirements as set forth by their local church.Please contact our office for further inquiries.